Hamburg City Sporthafen

Price 1,200,000 €
Commission None
Year of Construction 2006
Living Space 130 m²
Rooms 3
Bathrooms 3
Energy Supply Electricity
Energy Performance Certificate Available
Condition Show home
Quality of Facilities High
Hamburg City Sporthafen

Life on Three Storeys

The B Type at the Hamburg City Sporthafen makes the internationally acclaimed Floating Homes building concept a reality. Its open, timelessly beautiful architecture is characterised by impressive panoramic windows that allow unobstructed views of the city’s vibrant port, the Elbphilharmonie and the famous St. Michael’s Church – truly magnificent surroundings. The Floating Homes B Type is the perfect place for exclusive events, film and photo shoots and sophisticated accommodation thanks to its truly high-quality facilities, its clear and fresh building design, and its fantastic views. The B Type lets you shape your life on three storeys: The ground floor houses a full conference room with access to a large terrace, while the second floor has exclusive living and sleeping areas and a staircase leading up to the panoramic sky deck on the roof.


The 35 m2 conference room comes with enough tables and chairs for 12 people, but additional seating can easily be provided. The partially roofed terrace can be accessed via sliding doors. The room features state-of-the-art communication technology, including a retractable projector and screen, and a sound system with MusicCast, AirPlay and Bluetooth. The conference room also has a built-in kitchenette with a coffee machine. The second floor has a 50 m2 living area with an open-plan designer kitchenette and a 20 m2 bedroom. Furnishings can be outsourced to meet your event requirements. The second floor is automatically darkened and features an elegant sofa area. The wall is fitted with a built-in flat screen. The facilities are rounded off with a high-quality wooden flooring and sophisticated bathrooms.

  • High-quality oak flooring
  • Spacious sky deck
  • Connection to public utilities with water, sewage, electricity and telephone line
  • Sanitary installations


Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are incurred for a mooring space?

When you purchase one of our Floating Homes at the Victoriakai-Ufer in Hamburg, you won’t have to pay any notary fees or land transfer tax. Instead, you’ll have to pay property tax to the city every year. You can find more information about the pilot project in Hamburg and property tax in the sales details. Property tax at our other locations should be discussed with the local owner / administrator of the mooring space.

Are Floating Homes mobile?

Our Floating Homes are not licensed for use as recreational craft and have no motor. Whenever Floating Homes are transported via the waterways, they are coupled to a pressurised towing mechanism and pulled along the water. Our parent company (Matthäi Group) sources the appropriate transport vehicles from its hydraulic engineering department.

How do Floating Homes have to be maintained?

The outer shell of our Floating Homes is made of larch planks that should be replaced every 10 years, and a white lead façade with plastic coating that only has to be cleaned. Contracts have been agreed with specialist companies for the maintenance of technical installations like the heating and lifting system.

How are Floating Homes connected to the public utility networks?

All connections run beneath the jetty and lead straight to the reinforced concrete pontoon. This means they cannot be seen from the outside, and it also allows any fluctuations in the water to be absorbed.