About Us

Life, Work and Leisure on the Water

Our projects include the construction of numerous residential properties and a floating event and convention centre for a hotel in Hamburg city centre.

We’ve successfully carried out numerous projects in Germany, including the construction of several residential properties and a floating event and convention centre for a hotel in Hamburg city centre. Our latest project involved the development of four floating holiday homes in a private marina at the Ostseeheilbad Großenbrode spa resort.

As an independent Matthäi Group company, Floating Homes GmbH has a wealth of expertise in hydraulic engineering, building construction and civil engineering. This lets us build floating homes that can match conventional onshore houses in terms of living quality, infrastructure and construction standards.


German Brand Award 2019

It is said that it is easy to get into a top position, but especially difficult to keep. In this respect, we are particularly pleased that Floating Homes was able to repeat the award at the German Brand Award as an excellent brand after the success of the previous year. Only a handful of the many applicants submitted their work to the competition. The award went to Floating Homes in the category Building & Elements, which honors particularly successful concepts and products in the field of architecture. The renowned German Design Council and its experts present the jury of the traditional competition.

German Brand Award 2018

People are often too quick to measure a company’s success with key figures like sales and revenue, and so we’re all the more pleased to state that Floating Homes has accomplished a real feat this year… We’ve managed to win the coveted German Brand Award in two different categories. The “Building & Elements” prize is awarded to brands that communicate special construction methods, designs and structures. It’s no wonder that Floating Homes managed to score points here, as our properties feature special architecture and we communicate our brand in a unique way. Floating Homes received a further award in the category “Corporate Brand of the Year”, which honours corporate brands that create a special overall appearance through various media channels.

We’re extremely pleased about this great success and will continue to present our Floating Homes in a unique and eye-catching way in the future.