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Boat trip with the houseboat

Floating Homes H-Type lets you experience the boundless possibilities of mobile living on water. When equipped with an engine, the H-Type offers all the functions of a houseboat while letting you tour on all inland waterways. With its compact dimensions, it can be moored at marinas without any problems. A jetty at the rear of the building gives access to the Floating Homes H-Type. Compact and easy to manoeuvre, the H-Type invites you on a cosy boat trip every day.


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The interior has a structured, generous layout. As with all other types, the floor plan can be adapted to your individual requirements. Just talk to us about your needs.

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With the H-type the existing range of Floating Homes will be extended by a licensed houseboat that is perfectly suitable for marinas. Two patios at the bow and stern will give access to the house. The helmstand will be on the bow patio. The stern patio will be equipped with a small bridge for easy access to the jetty.

QUALITY IN EVERY DETAIL Regardless of which version you select for the construction of your Floating Home, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you will de nitely be getting nest quality that is cha- racterised by outstanding energy efficiency. The construction and functional materials of a Floating Home satisfy all criteria of a state-of-the-art energy-saving house. This is because the domestic engineering of the Floating Homes is future-oriented. Among others, it is based on the utilisation of air-to-air heat pumps and low energy. Solar technology or photovoltaic systems can also be selected as optional extras. Active environmental protection and the highest degree of effectiveness, economic efficiency, operational safety and ease of maintenance are characteristic for the Floating Homes.

MATERIAL – METAL Individualise your bathing world as you desire and select the details of your sanitary furnishings to your heart’s content. We offer you a great number of different possibilities and would be happy to consult you with all questions you might have regarding your personal wishes. STAINLESS STEEL | BRASS | COPPER | CHROME

MATERIAL – WOOD Wood is a material that fulfills your living quarters with life. The colour scheme and the properties of the different types of wood have a unique appeal, which is directly conveyed to your living environment, where it can unfurl its full effect. MAHAGANY| MAPLE | WALNUT | WENGÉ | BURMA TEAK | OAK | MERBAU

MATERIAL – GLAS The right glazing has an important function regarding energy efficiency. The glass used in the Floating Homes as a standard fitting is highly efficient and offers an enormous cost benefit. On top of this, special glazing with an additional range of functions can be implemented entirely according to your wishes. SAFETY GLAS | UV SAFETY GLAS

MATERIAL – SYNTHETIC MATERIALS When used for construction, synthetic materials have an enormous functional scope. Depending on the selected material, factors such as weight, durability an appearance can be significantly in uenced. Together with you, we will provide detailed consulting on the selection of materials, thus ensuring maximal useful value. CARBON | HIGH-PERFORMANCE SYNTHETIC MATERIALS

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